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at van zee design interiors we do much more than decorate houses, we create homes. there is a distinct difference between the two. we see it as our mission to expand the possibilities and relieve the anxieties of creating a custom home through careful listening, attentive observation, and a creative, yet disciplined process.

every family has its own unique story, so ultimately every home should have its own exceptional story in return. our job is to create interiors that reflect a client’s individual needs, hopes and dreams, down to the smallest, most special details. the result? a house that is a true “home”… a celebration of the people who live there.

we delight in designing for a wide range of architectural styles and personal tastes. nothing is off limits. “no signature style” is our signature as our focus is on matching our work to the individual client and producing one-of-a-kind, timeless results with each and every project.

our assurance of no surprises in terms of budget or schedule is a source of pride. we are nothing if not professional and up-front. our surprises come by way of exceeding expectations through creativity, originality and the unanticipated personal touches we unfailingly add.

although every project is a journey, our results remain constant: a distinctive, elegantly comfortable and livable home, complete with touches of wit and charm. we deliver a space that reflects your history, your purpose, exudes soul and sex appeal, that revels in tranquility and an exuberance in consuming the life well lived.

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